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Guest 2019

2019  Has been an amazing year for

 Markie's World & Whole Wide World Productions

Information on all the wonderful people Markie's World Encountered will be supplied here very soon, So Stay tuned. 

Introduction: Guest of Markie's World


Mathell Givens




Meet Mathell Givens  from Chicago and one of the most intelligent, talented and inspiring  woman you could ever encounter on this planet. What can I not say about this person ?  She has  a long history of being  presented awards, certificates,  being honored at numerous events for her contributions for assisting others in need, she's also a radio host, singer, actor and author of one of the top ten books in the country.

Mathell has presented to the world  her creativity once more  authoring her book   "Angels in my life "  .

 This book  describes her life challenges as a proud,  god fearing,   single mother of  3 sons ,   facing the perils, trials and tribulations of life  and how through faith and her devotion to god she was able  to conquer and defeat  a painful history.

This was such  an  award winning book that some very important and famous people  helped to transform part of  this superb book    into a stage  play called  

"Undying Faith" .

Christine Houston, another magnificent inspiring woman from Chicago . A writer  and creator  for tv sitcom  227 and Punky Brewster and so on and so on.  It's no wonder this play is a total success and produced by  Mike Wilkens .

I've read  her book and have seen the play, both were  just simply awesome  , so many lessons  to be learned in  both.

Mathell is going on to turn her play into a movie and of course we wish her  many blessings for the future.

 Mathell Givens was a guest on Markie's  World TV show twice. The first show  the topic was on her book , play and soon to be movie. Her second visit on Markie's World  was in Richton Park, Illinois , while I interviewed the  distinguished Mayor Rick Reinbold  whom has  a heart of gold and as always Mathell Givens   showed her inner elegance  and grace. 

This is a person you really need to know and is truly one of the best of the best.

 Please purchase this book,  you'll be doing yourself a favor, it Can literally change your life.   


Please contact Mathell Givens  for book purchases ,   comments  questions  or donations :





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Dr. Carol Alexander


 Dr. Carol Alexander owner of Caan  Academy of Nursing  (Coalition of African American Nurses) in Matteson , Illinois.

Not only is she the best of the best , she is truly a person to be proud of. 

Rather  you know her or not.  Her personality is positively infectious , she's kind hearted and God fearing, all given proof by  the way her students look highly up to her .  She has shown superior listening and communication skills, with a deep knowledge and passion  for the nursing industry.

Everyone is not meant to be a nurse. I can honestly say while visiting  the school I hadn't found one person that I felt wouldn't  succeed as a nurse. I feel there are no mediocre nurses, they're either good or bad  and the bad are easily weeded out .

Why is Carol Alexander so important  to us, because  she's creating and distributing people that everyone in the world has to rely on. Sooner or later you will definitely come in contact with a nurse.

Nurses  administer and evaluate your treatment, they interact with the other healthcare team  members to insure the best treatment plan for every patients care as possible is  carried out.

Nurses are very important people. I chose  the  nursing  field and I love making a difference in other peoples lives, I continued to upgrade my status  and have loved every patient  that I have ever had. It's a beautiful feeling that you'll never get  from anywhere else , just like the rest of my nursing sisters.  Nurses have to sacrifice holidays, family events and sometimes just rest.

They are overworked and in demand, but they're major concern is caring for you, your family and friends. They  interpret lab reports,  console, counsel,  teach,  apply wound care, demonstrate proper procedures  and a whole lot more and still they love it all.

  I hope I'm not making the nursing field sound over bearing, it's the most enjoyable , self enriching career a person can  involve themselves in . You'll meet some  amazing  patients and coworkers and  may develop friendships  that cannot be broken .

I couldn't help but look  up to Dr. Carol Alexander for where she's been and where she's going, I knew   I had met a

great role model for all her future students and they never stopped bragging on her. Don't take my word on this call the school, learn more  on your own. One thing for certain you'll never be without a job.

I truly enjoyed visiting this school, interviewing the owner, the employees, teachers and the students.

By the way I'm the one in the he black dress, Carol Alexander is the one sitting  with green blouse on and her beautiful signature smile, she smiles like that all the time.

And nursing is not just for women, more and more men  are becoming

excellent nurses .

To contact the school:

Visit or call

Caan  Academy School of Nursing

4747 Lincoln Mall Drive  suite 420 

Matteson, Illinois


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Becky Clark

    I would like to introduce to the World Becky Clark. 

She's a senior  citizen advocate. I truly believe you can't get any better than Becky Clark for caring for our citizens in Chicago.

As we near an older age we have to rely on other people to direct us to all the helpful services that are available to senior citizens. Sometimes it can be frightening for the children to watch their parents advance in age and need more resources to keep things moving as smoothly as possible, such as food, electrical, gas, transportation, abuse from family members,  substance and alcohol abuse of the elderly.

 Sometimes very delicate  issues may comes up. The situations can be sensitive, who can they really turn to? I say Becky Clark.

The  employees of New Pisgah are so helpful, kind hearted, conscientious  and  dependable., you can truly rely on them for   support . I enjoyed m interviewing  Becky and the  rest of the staff were very patient , courthouse polite and helpful. I had a wonderful time there. All the things that I mentioned as tasks needed for our elderly is what Becky does and more for the people in the building she works from and other places on the  south side of Chicago.

Becky is a great role model  for the young and to some older ones who need to learn how to care for  our elderly.

I feel it should never be  written or described as "THE ELDERLY" It should be described as "OUR ELDERLY"  Every elderly person is all our responsibility, this is something we should never  forget and Becky most certainly  doesn't forget. She works hard for each and everyone of the residents  at New Pisgah.

She's a hard worker and she's always concerned with doing more.

As a nurse, I've worked with many social service workers and I know who's for real, caring and not just collecting a pay  check. Becky Clark is genuine and I thank god for her.

When I get older  I would love to have a person like her looking out for my needs and my  cute little  adorable mother.

Any information concerning Becky Clark , please  contact : Markie's World.


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Introduction Guest/Host continue


The Human Earth Quake

   I want to introduce you to the Human Earth Quake

Ramon  Darnell author of The Human Earth Quake a three part epic. We instantly became friends , although  we're the same age, I call him my little brother. I admire the fact that he knows what he wants and he's going after it. I truly want the best for him, marriage, children, success and he will get it all, he's got a  caring and devoted network of  loved ones seeing him through his journey, it's a good thing to have people to care for you and rely on. You'll understand more about him as you read his book. Available for purchase at Amazon.com

He is the author of The Human Earth Quake Book One, soon to be book two and three...... He is the Human Earth Quake.

There are an increasing g number of books that are being sold more than ever now. I read a lot, I know more than the average person and because of this I feel I am qualified to a certain degree to review a book honestly and I am very  raw with critiquing  books, the majority of times I am very disappointed.

I'm not going to describe  too much about the book, I want to leave that for you, but I want to let you in on how I felt as I read the book.

I read the book before  I had several interviews with  the author.

This is a very talented man and what I got out the book was that he's a leader, a teacher, someone to give guidance to and what we had in  common is that we are  both life coaches for relationships, where my info comes from school books, his  comes from experience. I've  interviewed The Human  Earth Quake  in regards to his book and his relationship counseling. Which he is great in  both, this is why I said he will conquer every mountain he climbs.

The book is about a man of the streets and how he lived one way and now lives another way, he did a 180 degree. 

You'll be  on the edge of your seat. This was a life style  created for the sake of his survival, now watch the same man create a completely different lifestyle.

I went away from this book  with all sorts of emotions, I didn't know what to think, how to feel.  It gives you great insight on all types of people and issues,.

This book  was created with every type of situation and emotion imaginable including violence,  sex, drugs, gang banging,  pimping, prostitution, love, hate, sadness, happiness and a renewal of life. It was more than just interesting,  the book  fooled with my emotions .

 After reading his book you will be so proud of him and understand the greatness showing  through  him now  was always there just buried under his  street junk.

You'll  figure more things out once you've read the book. 

The book is definitely  a page turner, you're always on pins and needles. because the suspense is always there, after starting to read the book , I couldn't put it down.

 The book held my attention from beginning  till the end..

Now I'll review the quality of the writing of the book. First of all I have read so many books with so many errors  and misspelling of words in them , all I can do is cringe, who wants to buy and read a book that has not been edited properly, The Human Earth Quake  book has not one word misspelled in the  entire book. I thought that was impressive, along with his writing skills.

 The Human Earth Quake book  one is definitely worth buying. Also  is a great instructional manual for teens on what not to do. You can read it but describe the information  to your teens.

Can't wait for book two and three.

    Keep visiting  Markie's World website, coming soon  my past episodes will be transformed into snippets on  You Tube

To purchase The human Earth Quake book one visit Amazon.com

You can also contact markiesworld@yahoo.com


Mayor Rick Reinbold

Mayor Rick Reinbold - Village of Richton Park

In this day and age we've become a little leery of meeting politicians and  thinking they are no better than street thugs in a suit.

Well, this is a prime example of  being wrong , I could not stereo type

this person. The Mayor and his staff demonstrated such uniqueness with a caring and down to earth  personality. 

It was a great honor to have met the Mayor of Richton Park and look who's with me , the talented , beautiful Mathell Givens. To learn more about Mathell Givens  go to the section on this page with her name. Mathell has a history with the village of Richton Park, receiving numerous awards and was featured in several magazines.

Through this interview, I  came to appreciate the fact that all politicians are not  alike, I actually had forgotten that he was a person involved in politics. I  was given the opportunity to see  him as just a person with normal human  thoughts and reactions, he had even demonstrated shyness. I was floored when he said he was a little nervous and that he dressed up for the interview. These are the type of comments   citizens want to hear, they want to know  that he is human and has fears and likes  as the rest of us.

.All politicians make promises and we know as usual they're not going to keep  them., but what distinguishes one political from another is who they are, not so much their promises.

 America has gotten into a lot of trouble  not paying attention to whom these people really are, I understand now how the mayor has been in this position as long as he has.  For a politician to have the faith  and respect for him , from  his citizens says a lot, very rarely  will you find this. 

The mayor had introduced himself in such away that we were all so very  comfortable and at ease  with him, it was as if we were in the back yard just chit chatting and enjoying the weather. The Mayor  is  sympathetic to his citizens needs. having a chance  to  interview  some of the  citizens they spoke so highly of him with happy genuine smiles. He's a very nice looking man and very well dressed and went out of his way to make sure  my crew , Mathell and I didn't want for anything, his  staff was  just as accommodating, but he was the one with the reigns. During the interview  and listening to the mayors plan for the future and where Richton Park  had been through in the passed, I realized I was actually in the presence of greatness, he's very humble and wouldn't agree to that , he would have displayed a bashful smile , which I had noted several  times through the interview. if he was present and heard my comment.

 There's  many events that go on in the village to keep everyone in connection with each other to understand his citizens needs more, he makes  it his business to interact with them on a informal level.

The village of Richton Park also consist of six trustee's , I had the great pleasure of meeting one of them Julian Alexander, here's another one of the staff that demonstrated a calm easy going, friendly personality, God has a way of bringing  the same type of people together, birds of a feather flock together.   Mr. Alexander  has done much for the community and the needy. This is a city where they  actually put their citizens needs first.

I don't want to leave out Adam Ray ,  over the events, entertainment and media,. He's  a young , creative , talented  person with again a beautiful personality, god fearing , as it was the same for all the staff that I met. Adam is also   a great family man. After a brief conversation with  him I felt as if he was family and once again so the uniqueness of this staff. I enjoyed every minute that I spent  with the Mayor/ President and his staff in Richton Park and let's not forget our adorable  Mathell Givens. This was a beautiful day.

Thank you Mayor Rick Reinbold and your delightful staff.

Any questions or comments  contact markiesworld@yahoo.com

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N His Name

  These guys are  incredible,  N His Name.

To describe thisou can only use the word Wow.

Demonstrating the smooth transitions from one person to the next, everyone  synchronizes perfectly on time with the others

Members in alphabetical order.

Dwayne Liddelle

Dwayne Neff

John  Reynolds Jr.

Juan Coleman

Michael Kellogg 

Norman Love

Song writer : Renee Knott Freeman (pay attention  to this name)

I met this group  while I was filming an event in the south suburbs and these guys were part of the entertainment and as far as I was concerned they were THE ENTERTAINMENT. All I could do was stare, they had me mesmerized, I hadn't heard singing like that  since the late 70's and even those groups are much older now and they don't sound the way they use to, they're voices are just  no longer as strong as before, but we get older, the voices can't go on the same way forever.

But  voices of N Hi Name  are strong, clear and again mesmerizing and at some point hypnotizing.

Each  member of the group has their own  distinct  voice and when they come together the outcome is a magical,  soulful and  an angelic outpour of some of the most beautiful sounds that can be created  as  each  individuals voice is added to the stream. There are times  when  they don't rely on musical instruments, instead use their voices called  A cappella.

I feel truly blessed to have  had several opportunities to attend their rehearsals. I've learned their individual  personalities, they are each so unique and different and yet so similar,  as far as each being god fearing family men, they are very manner able , polite, their personality and attitudes are my impression of real men.   Renee Knott freeman, he is also a multitalented performer who sings, dances and song writer, Renee  wrote the song for N His Name called 

"  They Don't  Know ". This song is a hit,, a gospel song, it has a steppers beat. There will  be more to come.  I will say more on Renee  on a separate section.

You can look  " N His Name  "up on You Tube and face Book

Any questions or comments on this group contact :


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Tony Nix of Choice Acts

Meet my friend Tony Nix of Choice Acts NFP.

Tony Nix is another person  that truly believes in helping the community. He's always been a social worker giving guidance and  treatment to groups and individuals  that are mentally ill, have substance abuse problems, homeless and people with a history of incarceration .

CHOICE ACTS NFP is dedicated to increasing public safety by reducing recidivism among male and female returning citizens recently released from Illinois and Northwest Indiana Department of Corrections. Our mission is to provide them with positive alternatives to criminal activity as they reintegrate into society.

There  are many barriers for ex offenders such as housing, employment, discrimination , employers are reluctant  to hire  a black male who has done time in prison, along with their limited work experience, their challenges become more inflated.

Within three years  of release it is estimated that 2/3rds of them will return to prison.

To help break the barriers we need people like Tony Nix to develop  a program as the middle man..

Choice Acts are always  putting  on fund raisers, such as comedy shows, talent shows and dinners anything  to help assist the  community and their needs.

I have  met several staff members of Choice Acts and all are on the same page and that's trying their best to try to create some type of peace in their life. We all know its not easy being a black man, many black men are innocent and  sent to jail, some are guilty of a crime however, the crime  most times does not match the crime and so they are locked up away from life and some are subjected to violence and sexual abuse and then are released and are not even able to feed themselves, this almost sounds like a person who was drafted for war and get out and cant find a job. I believe there is one type of correlation here, many similarities.

The rate for incarcerated women is growing faster, female criminals are definitely on the rise due to  no male figures to contribute to the house and more women  are developing  multiple substance abuse issues and mentally ill diagnoses.. It's not  just the men that are coming out of prison , it's women with children.

So , thank god for people like Tony Nix.

Contact  :   Choice Acts 

                         642 E. 79th street Chicago, Illinois


Tell them Markie sent you

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Shanti Helena

  Shanti Helena 

Why Side Chicks are Winning 

Book Description on Amazon.com

"Side Chicks Can be detrimental to your relationship between you and your man"

Shanti Helena describes and explains how it's possible to become more empowered  and to develop a strong bond that can't be broken in your relationship with the man you love side chick free.

Shanti Helena was born and raised in the city of Chicago. She has a masters in marketing and communications.

Her book is a best seller.

I wasn't  sure how to think about this book, she had me thinking the contents of the book  was one way , when it was actually   another.

That's when I knew she was smart, how smart I didn't know until  we were in the interview. I learned she was a master in marketing, that's why she has a masters in marketing lol. She actually taught me so much that day. After she left I had a lot to think about,  not about men ,but about marketing and communication. she's sharp  and easy to dissect a problem.

Book writing  is an easy way to express  your feelings , but if you are  teaching or giving advice, you better know what you're talking about , people are becoming more and more critical  of the  products people have to offer. What I got from this book  is that  She's an excellent writer, she's advanced in the topics  that are  in  the book, she's far advanced in educating  people in relationship  then most people I know.

Shanti is educated, articulate and constantly seeking ways  to enhance her knowledge on relationships  to enlighten others .

Shanti is a person to be proud of and you would want many others to know her and there's more to her than just this award winning book.

You have to buy this book to learn a little more about yourself and others.

She has a beautiful personality, during the interview, we constantly laughed. I enjoyed  her visit and wish her all the happiness life has to bring and look forward to seeing her on my  show again.

To purchase  Why  Side Chicks are Winning  by Shanti  Helena 

visit Amazon .com

Shanti's also on Face book

Questions or comments : markiesworld@yahoo.comm

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Connie Wilson

Connie Wilson  ....  Child Advocate

Meet Connie Wilson one of  Chicago's  greatest child advocate workers I've ever met.

Connie's the one on the left with the  pearl necklace.

Connie has many degree's , she's a teacher in the city of Chicago  and an advocate for child welfare.

I truly enjoyed  this interview .  Who wouldn't want to discuss issues concerning children in need. This is a person who is  sensitive to children's needs, she's  very passionate on this subject and insist on being one of the people that  help  parents make decisions  for the youth's well being and safety. We all want the youth's of today  to grow up mentally and physically strong , healthy and lovingly, unfortunately they all can't,  some of our little darlings are being brought up being mentally and physically abused, going without simple daily needs and developing addictions even before they are preteens.

In my first interview with Connie she expresses her desire to help all that she can. She's an inspiration to us all. Thanks Connie we need you and others like you.

My second interview  with Connie is just a real mind blower, Connie and her better half are  screen writers, book writers , not just  one of each but many . She and Maurice  fit perfect together, they are both just as talented  as the other. 

Maurice has written many books,  television Shows, movies of practically all genres , I've read some of  his work, I was amazed at the talent this man is harboring in his mind..

There's going to be more to  these two, in fact  there's another interview to be scheduled  with Connie, I didn't get a chance to tell you, she has a cd out singing the song "At Last" ln a most  magical way, the entire song flows with  an even rhythm, allowing her sultry voice  and unique rich tone, to grasp the listeners attention, when you hear her voice you'll want to stop and listen, you know there's something there , that's rare. 

I have never  liked that song, never say never, the way she  bellows it out , made me appreciate it a  whole lot more.

She owes a lot of her style and success to  her  incredible, hard working, imaginative and  creative manager  William  (Bill) Payton, she also has the talented Johnny B singing along with her. 

Stay tuned for more Connie Wilson, Find her on You  Tube and Face Book .

Comments or questions: Markiesworld@yahoo.com

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Sons of Nirvana Funk Consistent

Sons of Nirvana Funk  with their new hit Consistent.

I didn't get a chance to interview these guys, I was just lucky enough to be presented with the video from  one of the managers  Rico Crowder'

I've had several enjoyable conversations with Rico.  He struck me as being very polite and manner able.

 This is Sons of Nirvana's new hit  Consistent.

 I receive many videos from around the world. This is one  that I truly enjoyed. 

The lead singer has a nice smooth voice, the other singers are very talented  as well,  there is nothing I can say negative about these guys.

 I liked the rhythm and flow of all the members.

 What's  refreshing is that I had the opportunity to listen to REAL singers, there's nothing about this song that's  offensive, nor degrading to women, no raw sex words,  no nasty dancing. I enjoyed the entire song and video..

Catch them on you tube and Face Book 

comments and questions : markiesworld@yahoo.com



Troy Le Raviere

 Troy LaRaviere          

This is a person I believe communities with people of needs has been waiting for.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. La Raviere  for an interview  as he was  the first  candidate to enter the race for mayor'

Troy  La Raviere served as Principal  for the Chicago Public School system for 13 years, he is presently President  of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association,

He's a proud and loving husband and father.

This was a great interview, I hope this is not the last of us seeing him.

He dropped out the race due to financial difficulties.

  In the back of my mind , I couldn't  help but think, I hope he understands, that he's needed else where and that he's actually not a political puppet, he's too caring for that. I take him as being more of a n activist. I believe he should start here and then if he wants work his way up. I truly believe  he can do so much for the city of Chicago in more of a social way, he's genuine when he describes his feelings of care and concern  for other's.

I had the toughest time trying to figure out how to  pronounce his name, it rolls off my tongue very easy now, I have no problem in pronouncing his name.

Thank you  Troy for interviewing with me and Kevin, who today is still a great fan of yours and of course so am I.

Troy is all over the internet if you want to read up more about him or 

 comments or questions  markiesworld@yahoo.com

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Tammy Legette

     My Friend Tammy

This is my wonderful  friend Tammy.

We met  many years ago , when we were both being treated for cancer, Tammy having breast  cancer  and I  had a rare and deadly cancer that was very furious with me,  I lost  my lower arm  to it .

This interview described how we felt, what we went through, how we  developed a great friendship  between the two of us. I hope some of you had a chance to watch it cause it was a beautiful show  

My mom says the best show ever. We are not suppose to say friend we're  suppose to say family. because we have developed that type of friendship.  Tammy I had great time on the show with you.

Thanks for helping me help others that are going down the same path we went down. I hope we helped someone.

COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS:  markiesworld@yahoo.com

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More to introduce


Hyde Park Art Center

  Of course this is another example  of Markie's World interviewing the best of the best for our  city of Chicago.

  Their mission is to  stimulate and sustain the  visual arts in Chicago.

They offer a comprehensive set of programs for every age and stage  to further enhance their creative abilities.

 Involving annual exhibits,  studio classes,  hosts artist from around the world, over 200 free events and over 45,000 visitors.

The art center is free open to the public 7 days a week , with  6 galleries consisting of contemporary art, studio classes and an open arts library.

 The center is wheel chair accessible with elevators and available parking. There's several option for public transportation via CTA and Metra. You can plan a group tour and there's available space  for public events.

I read that Hyde Park Art Center is the oldest contemporary art center in Chicago.

I had the pleasure to meet several staff members  of the art center. The staff was extremely  friendly and accommodating. 

I simply adored Kate Lorenz , she was my tour guide and interviewee. She had such style and grace, but at the same time she had a great sense of humor, I immediately picked up the fact that she was so true to her profession.

Isn't it great to love what you do ?   Kate demonstrated such a warm, beautiful,  down to earth and   welcoming personality. 

She kept a big smile on her face and a very infectious laugh, you really had to be there.  She even tricked me and led me through something I

will not reveal to you. I want you to see this for yourself.

 I truly enjoyed myself while interviewing  such a gem of a place.

This is a  great place for a  friend  or  family outing, you'll be entertained while viewing the large amount of exhibits. See how they can take anything and turn it into an inventive and clever art.  plus you'll get a chance to meet Kate, you'll feel as if she's been your friend for years.

 The thought had went through my mind that I would love to take a few art classes here, but I felt as if the price range would be out of my  league, until I was told the classes were free, imagine how I felt 

.The center is magnificent, with an abundance of unique and ingenious art being displayed all  around you. This is the place to be to bring out your imagination and creativity.

I valued this visit and will do it again. I highly recommend  The Hyde Park Art Center  to be a place to visit.

I want to thank the staff  for providing  my camera man and my self with such a wonderful  interview.

You can contact The Hyde Park Art Center at

5020 S. Cornell Chicago, Illinois


Any questions or comments : markiesworld.org



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NAMI Chicago

     National Alliance of Mental Illness     NAMI


Welcome to NAMI Chicago

and our special guest Jan McGowan.

There  are people and places that are actually trying to help  and  support  people in need, we definitely  have to  commend them..

I had been a  mentally ill substance abuse nurse for many years and it would break my heart knowing I couldn't do more.


 I and many others  have wondered what have  been the outcome for some of our residents in the city of Chicago  speaking of the mentally ill, substance abusers ,  ex con, the homeless, the unemployed, the unskilled , we have a name for these  problems , but do we have a

adequate  referrals  and treatments to assist these people in living a more purposeful life.?

Ms. McGowan  expressed her desire to help others in one or several crisis situations, I was very impressed with  the entire agency.


NAMI is spread across the United States and a lot of their tasks and responsibilities are referral assistance with diagnosing, treating and managing their disorders through the healthcare team members and sites  including  clinics, hospitals, mental health centers.

There's other assistance they may need referrals for, such as medication  compliance, prescription coverage,  evaluations and diagnosis  of mental and physical conditions, at the same time these clients  are struggling to survive  harsh winters while being homeless,

concerns for their  next meals,  clothing and shoes, NAMI comes to many of these people  rescue by matching them with the services that are needed. They also assist in research and in helping other understand what mental health actually is.

 This is the place you should contact if you or someone you know may benefit from their assistance.

I would like to thank NAMI  Chicago and Jan McGowan for allowing us this wonderful and informative interview.

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A Choice Acts

Tony Nix  Puts on a Designers Fashion  Show

for Choice Act and other community businesses

Helping the community  and ex felons  find employment, a place to live and food to eat. The are trying to meet the needs of others

Some of the best designers in Chicago attended  this event

 at the  Bop Biz  Center 

644 E. 79th St. Chicago , Illinois

773-891- 5939

Attending the show was :

T Cup 's mobile Bartending service  708-378-3657

Sarah  Event Planner- Sophisticated  Look 773-817-1013

Aretha's Dream Restaurant 773-344-7484  616 e. 79th St Chicago

Eric Austin Company "The Black Arts "Artist  & Graphic Designer

& T Shirt Printer773-868-7479

Jamilah Jackson Clothing Designer "Natural Babe"

jamilahaj@gmail.com 773-425-8796

Models for the Clothes: Natevia  Green 773-655-1981

                                                        Elisha Hunt  630-730-7468    

And many more clothing a nd jewelry  designers, all were very talented

In the picture to the left  I'm speaking with Raven

I will bring you more information on the  Biz Bop Center along with the businesses associated with  this building.

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