Life Coach ,,,The laws of the Universe

What is a Life Coach?

  What is a Life Coach, what are  the  laws of the universe ,astrology,  3rd-4th-5th - parallel  universe or dimensions,   quantum leaps, . I'm going to take you through the basics of some of these very interesting topics.

First , let me introduce myself to you,  I'm Markie, am I a professional in all of this , no because no one will ever be, I started an interest in psychology at an early age I wanted to always  try to work on improving myself,  that's a hard task, it has to be worked on daily and each day is a new situation  and learning about you is very exciting.

I practiced nursing ,in  all different fields , but for several decades I involved myself in  the mentally ill substance abuse area.  I was a chicken I was too afraid to get into drugs and alcohol, I also couldn't see what others saw in it, but I did want to help and still do. I also became a Life Coach  in 2010.

God knows what he's doing to guide and protect you through what ever storm you may go through, I was given my  armor  or tools far in advance  so that I will be able to weather the storm  of a failed marriage, being a  three  time cancer survivor and  a  trans radial arm amputation. I learned that amputees are the sanest  people on  the planet because they literally don't sweat the small stuff, I can say so many wonderful  things about my people,  but later. My point is its not what you go through , its how you go through  my amputation with a smile on my face and have not had a  bad day since and trust  me its very hard to find people who can a actually demonstrate that type of behavior. There should never be anything  that can hold you down and alter your thought process, you should provide yourself with the tools  to help in combatting anything that comes your way. Somethings are a little more difficult than others  , but that's where strength and determination comes in,. The more you learn t he easier  life will get for  you, unfortunately you may have to leave some people in  the dust, We all  get our awakening at different times, don't  worry about   them they  will catch up in due time, its  the same as if you  are ready to go back to church and she/he isn't, should you not go? Enough about me, lets talk about  life coaching and all the above topics, they are also in relations to my  medical and nonmedical in services to enhance any business.

Why would you need a Life Coach?

A life Coach  delivers one  on  one and sometimes group  sessions on assisting an  individuals in improving

actions to gain better control over  future  goal setting with planning , preparation,  decision making skills , accountability for your actions,  financing , relationships,  decreasing anxiety, stress, negative feelings and outcomes of certain situations, to look at and handle the  situation for what it really is, acceptance

and moving on, To help find direction to reach your potential. There's different  types of coaches, those that focus on nutrition, finances, sports, acting , etc. I focus on self improvement in self and relationships, also on  the  laws of the universe, astrology and the above. I would like to give you at least  the basics of some of these topics and you can decide if you would like to venture on. The information on this page is





Your life coach



To help you set and achieve your goals, prioritize, implementing a support system,  improve business  and life performances, getting along with  others and demonstrating more control over your life and people..

Honesty with self

How being honest with yourself can improve  a positive journey, it helps you to acknowledge the good and  bad things  you need to pay attention to  as far as analyzing your faults , feelings, perspectives, improving organization skills, repeating harmful and useless behaviors.  

Working on self

I am constantly working with myself, everyday is a task, I try not to over analyze myself,  what's important is  to be able to identify my faults, prioritizing, caring for others, dietary habits, finishing what I start, my goals and objectives, most important is relating to others.

Life Coaching is affordable

Package deals available at discounted prices,  ask how this works.

Watch and develop skills to improve your life on this page free

Fulfill your life and role to others, look at your performance and who you are, You are many people , you are a parent, a child, sibling, aunt, uncle, grand parent,  supervisor, employee,  advisor, role model, etc. are you satisfied with your performance of who you are to others?

Getting Personal

Are there issues you need to start with in a more private setting ? are you uncomfortable speaking to just anyone about.? Remember this is a good time for a life coach, a life coach will help you with so many issues at the same time they are like nurses trained to listen and help, but not to judge or advise, we will help you to get to the root of the problem and assist with the tools you need to enhance your life. Sometimes one on one is essential to our wellbeing , thought process , addictive behaviors and self improvement, it may take some time but the first step is getting the help you need.

Once a month there will be a new page on learning the laws of the universe. Even after 11 years of coaching I am  still learning and helping where I'm  needed.